September 19, 2018

2019 Piping Projects

September 19, 2018

2018 Piping Phase 2

March 22, 2018

2018 Piping Projects

2018 Piping Projects
April 13, 2017

Fort Ewell Siphon

The piping of 1,900 feet on the Fort Ewell Siphon has been completed. PVC pipe was installed to replace the pre-existing concrete pipe which had numerous leaks. The piping project was completed in January 2017 at a cost of $119,732.15.

Ongoing Improvements

BMA has purchased water meters, installed large and small turnout gates to properly measure and disperse water to the landowners. $348,216.00. 2009 - Present

Water Delivery Efficiency

BMA has expended over $1,500,000 since 2009 in piping projects and will continue to focus on this area as piping the canals greatly benefits the efficiency of water delivery to the Land Owners and results in a great conservation of water.

Cattle Guards - Main Canal

BMA installed cattle guards along the Main Canal to facilitate canal maintenance. Completed 2004.

Water Metering Instruments

Upgraded and installed water metering instruments in the Main Canal to monitor canal water flow and usage, Medina Dam stabilization and both Medina and Diversion Lake elevations. $32,000.00 completed 2010.

Cleared Vegetation

Cleared Vegetation and reformed the Main Canal from Diversion Lake to Pearson Lake. On going from 2003- present

Siphon Rehabilitation

Siphon rehabilitation: 5 siphons that run under the Medina River were cleaned of debris and leaks repaired. $499,260 2008-2009.

Rehabilitated Medina Dam $6,500,000

Rehabilitated Medina Dam $6,500,000. Funding for this project was aided by BMA working very hard to obtain a $4,000,000 grant from the State of Texas Legislature and obtaining financial assistance from Bexar County. Completed 2012.

Main Canal

Placed canal liner in the main canal eliminating the worse loss section of the Main Canal. Completed 2003. $358,000.

Replaced Medina Dam Gates and tunnel liner.

Completed 2004 and 2010. The gates at Medina Dam can be closed. $782,000

Chacon Dam and Lake

Chacon Dam and Lake, when completed, will allow BMA to utilize an additional 2,000 acre feet of water per year. The Chacon Lake project began in 2009 and to date we have expended $2,400,000 in rehabilitation. The project should be completed within a year. 2016.