Public Notice

Public Notice

Public Notice August 3, 2021

Notice is hereby given that the Board Of Directors of the Bexar-Medina-Atascosa Counties WCID #1 will convene in a regular monthly board meeting on Monday, August 9th , 2021 AT 5:00 P.M. in the district office, located at 2107 State Highway 132, Natalia, Texas.

The agenda is as follows:  

  1. Call meeting to order.
  2. Public Comment

(Speakers are limited to 3 minutes each. Directors will not discuss or take action on public comment)  

  1. Consent Agenda

(Upon request by director or management, any item may be removed from consent agenda for discussion or separate action.) 10 Minutes  

  1. Correct and approve the minutes of the July 12, 2021 regular board meeting.
  2. Discuss and take action on cash receivables and cash disbursements.
  3. Discuss and take action on any item(s) removed from consent of agenda.

5 Minutes  

  1. Update on Chacon. BS

5 Minutes  

  1. Presentation of manager’s reports. BT BS

5 Minutes  

  1. Adjournment

In this Notice of Meeting, the posting of an agenda item as a matter to be discussed in open session is not intended to limit or require discussion of that matter in open session if it is otherwise appropriate to discuss the matter in executive session, such as consultation with its attorneys (Section 551.071), deliberations regarding real estate (Section 551.072), deliberations regarding a specific officer or employee (Section 551.074), and deliberations regarding security (Section 551.076). If, during the discussion of any agenda item, a matter is raised that is appropriate for discussion in executive session the Board may, as permitted by law, adjourn into executive session to deliberate on the matter. The posting of an agenda item as a matter to be discussed in executive session is not intended to limit or require discussion of the matter to be discussed in executive session. The Board may discuss in open session any matter for which notice has been given in the notice of open meeting, including an agenda item posted for executive session. In no event, however, will the Board take action on any agenda item in executive session, whether it is posted for open, or executive session discussion. Sec. 551.072. deliberation regarding real property; Closed Meeting .A governmental body may conduct a closed meeting to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property if deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the governmental body in negotiations with a third person. AGENDA ITEMS MAY BE TAKEN OUT OF ORDER