On May 23, the Hondo Anvil newspaper published a picture on the front page showing a person standing on the spillway at Medina Dam.

While many people in the area, including myself and other BMA directors, have fond memories of enjoying Medina Lake and  being on the spillway, times have changed.  We are continually bombarded with lawyers advertising their availability to sue anyone who might have hurt someone.

The spillway has been and remains a dangerous place. The water current flows swiftly over slippery rocks and spills down a cliff into a ravine.  People can get hurt. Worse, the first responders aiding injured persons can also get hurt.

BMA has done its best to try to keep people off the spillway. BMA has placed signs warning people not to trespass.  BMA prohibits persons within 300 feet of the spillway and dam in order to protect public safety and critical infrastructure as required by federal and state law.

But as shown by the photo, people continue to ignore the obvious risks, the signs, and the rules, especially to promote their commercial enterprises. Law enforcement is doing its best to keep people off the spillway.

In this litigious time, BMA must and will enforce its private property rights and rules.

George Weimer, BMA Board of Directors President