Land Inclusion Notice

Land Inclusion Notice

The BMA Board of Directors approved the inclusion of up to 400 acres into the district at the regularly scheduled board meeting on September 11, 2017. Bids will be accepted at the BMA office beginning September 12, 2017 and must be submitted no later than Decemeber 1, 2017 by 4:00pm.

Land to be included must be below Siphon 2, within BMA’s delivery system. No acreage less than ten acres will be accepted unless the acreage is located adjacent to other land owned by the applicant that is already in the BMA district and is more than one acre.

Landowners wishing to bid to have property included in the BMA district must submit to the District a signed petition for inclusion of acreage, proof of ownership, survey, cashier’s check for $200 (non-refundable administrative fee), and a cashier’s check or promissory note from the bank in the amount of the bid ($500 minimum bid per acre).

Upon the bids being opened, the bids will be sorted into an order beginning with the highest bid per acre. Bids will then be accepted according to their respective placement, beginning with the highest and ending with the lowest bid that exceeds the acreage available for inclusion. The landowner will then be responsible for the cost of extending or improving BMA’s existing system in order to deliver water in the volume and rate of flow required to irrigate the tract of land.

Please contact the BMA office at 830-665-2132for complete details and information if you are interested in participating in the inclusion or visit our office located at 2401 Hwy 132 N Natalia, TX 78059.